Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's a Beary Good Day!!

Today I'm Featuring a Brand new
Beary Lovely Dress From Vicarious Youth
Called Georgie Beary Dress !!
It's Available in Purple Or Red
Kid & Baby Sizes And You Can
Wear it as one piece or have the
dress and cardigan seperate
To add you're own flare and touches
To this beautiful dress . It's Available
At This Month's Round Of Atp
For 75L During This Event
Make sure you grab both of these colors
As Well As Checking out All the other
amazing designers .

What I'm Wearing Stuff & Things . 

Hair - { Magika , Sweet Hud 01 }Magika
Skin - { Vco, Sana Medium tone }Vco
Dress- {Vicarious Youth, Georgie beary @ ATP}Vicarious Youth
Shoes- { Sweet<3 Design , Bear Slippers }Sweet<3Designs

Special Thanks 
Vicarious Youth & Atp 

Vicarious Youth Mainstore *v*y Mainstore LM