Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bug Off!!

Today I'm Featuring Brand New Awesome Item
From Rc Cluster Called Bug Off Spray . 
Perfect For a day on the beach 
keeping those pesky icky bugs off of you . 
also spray your friends too so they don't get
covered in creepy crawly critters . 
spray your friends, spray your parents , spray the family pet
and yourself .
you can get your very own bug spray
at RC Cluster . 
there are 2 versions 
with sound and without 
touch bottle to animate and spray away. 

What I'm Wearing , Landmarks & stuff & Things Below.

Hair - { Magika , Sweet hud 01 }Magika
Skin - {Tsg , Rei Skin & Lips X tone }The Sugar garden
Outfit- { Lil Cathys, Spirit Outfit Pink }Lil Cathys
Glasses { Cargo , Hipster glasses }Cargo
Shoes - { Paper Damsels, Platform sneakers bebe bundle }
Bug Spray - { RC Cluster , Bug Off Spray } Rc Cluster