Monday, September 5, 2016

I'm a Pumpkin , You're a Pumpkin

It's Pumpkin Time...Almost Fall My Favorite 
season ever . Time For Halloween 
And Scary Movies & Trick or Treating 
And Carving Pumpkins , And Pranks
And Scaring The Crap Out of Your 
Friends & Family ,, I Can Praktically 
Hear The Pant's Being Peed Already !! 
So Lets Get Doecorating With These
Super Awesome Pumpkins From Lil Cathys
They Are New Gacha At The Playroom 
Starting Sept 5th . There are 10 Common
Reg Pumpkins, One Ultra Rare Pastel Set 
And One Ultra Rare Coal Set . Only 50L Per Play
Get Yours And Lets Make Pumpkin Mud Pies . 

Landmarks, Stuff & Things . 

Hair - { Barberyumyum , 69fh Blondes }Barberyumyum
Skin - { Tsg , Rei Skin & Mouth Xtone }The Sugar Garden
Eyes - { Ugly Ducking, Dreamer Foggy blues }Ugly Duckling
Outfit- {Meshmerized , Pumpkin Mess }Meshmerized
Pumpkin - { Lil Cathy, Pumpkin Gacha @ Playroom }Lil Cathys